Staff Directory



Rick Baedeker Executive Director
Jacqueline Wagner Assistant Executive Director
Shawn Loehr Chief of Licensing and Enforcement
Rita Baker Staff Services Analyst
Kimberly Payne Office Technician
Wendy Voss Chief of Administration
Lore Zawkiewicz Senior Accounting Officer
Valerie Caldwell Accounting Officer
Francisco Gonzalez Senior Management Auditor (Supervisor)
Yannet DeGarcia Staff Services Management Auditor
Business Services
Daniel Zamora Business Service Officer I
Office Services
Carmen Luera Office Technician
Eileen Heydon Office Technician
General Counsel
John McDonough Chief Counsel
Robert Miller General Counsel
Robert Brodnik General Counsel
Victoria E. Thornton Public Records Coordinator
Sharyn Jolly Administrative Hearings
Northern California
Shawn Loehr Chief of Licensing and Enforcement
Robert Ekstrom Acting Chief of Licensing and Enforcement
Louis Quezada Supervising Special Investigator (Northern CA)
Michael Alford Investigator (Golden Gate)
Noe Longoria Investigator (Golden Gate)
Jennifer Tolman Investigator (Golden Gate)
David Aguilar Investigator (Cal Expo)
Southern California
Phil Miyazaki Supervising Special Investigator
Greg Icamen Investigator
Michael Barker Investigator
Angelica Merz Investigator
Lourdes Lightle Retired Annuitant
Tom Blake Supervising Special Investigator (Los Alamitos)
Dennis Drulias Investigator (Los Alamitos)
Kevin Kitashima Investigator (Los Alamitos)
Equine Medical Director
Dr. Rick Arthur Equine Medical Director
Jacqueline Wagner Assistant Executive Director
Human Resources
Susan Bitcon HR Manager
Teresa Noriega Retiried Annuitant
Split Sample
Deborah Dugally Split Sample Technician
Laura Sandoval Southern Supervising Supervising Program Technician III
Lynn Martin Program Technician II
Teri McCada Program Technician II
Brazil Smith Program Technician II
Antonia Gandarilla Program Technician II
Maria Joko Program Technician II
Claudia Tobar Program Technician II
Diana Valenzuela Program Technician II
Management Information Systems
Bill Glaholt Information Technology Supervisor
Amador Villanueva Information Technology Specialist
Candace Taylor Information Technology Specialist
Jim Monday Information Technology Specialist
Nicole Fuentes Information Technology Specialist
Public Relations
Mike Marten Staff Services Manager/Public Information Officer
Policy & Regulations
Andrea Ogden Manager of Policy and Regulations
Nicole Gravely Regulations Analyst
Harold Coburn Govermental Program Analyst
Rick Pimentel Associate Govermental Program Analyst
Track Safety
Darrel McHargue Chief Steward
Luis Jauregui Southern Safety Steward
Tom McCarthy Safety Steward
Jeff Salmon Track Safety Program