Welcome to the California Horse Racing Board



1010 Hurley Way, Suite 300
Sacramento, California 95825
(916) 263 - 6000

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Staff Directory



Email Address

Rick Baedeker Executive Director RMBaedeker@chrb.ca.gov
Jackie Wagner Assistant Executive Director JackieW@chrb.ca.gov
Bill Westermann Chief of Licensing and Enforcement BillW@chrb.ca.gov
Rita Baker Staff Services Analyst RitaB@chrb.ca.gov
Wendy Voss Chief of Administration WendyV@chrb.ca.gov
Lore Zawkiewicz Senior Accounting Officer LoreZ@chrb.ca.gov
Heidi Varela Accounting Officer HeidiV@chrb.ca.gov
Francisco Gonzalez Senior Management Auditor (Supervisor) FranciscoG@chrb.ca.gov
Roberto C. Chavez Staff Services Management Auditor RCChavez@chrb.ca.gov
Mylinh Voong Staff Services Management Auditor LVoong@chrb.ca.gov
Yannet DeGarcia Staff Services Management Auditor YGDegarcia@chrb.ca.gov
Business Services/Office Services
Daniel J. Zamora Business Service Assistant DJZamora@chrb.ca.gov
Cherrie Bryant Business Service Assistant CherrieB@chrb.ca.gov
San Koiyoth Office Technician SKoiyoth@chrb.ca.gov
Small Business/DVBE Advocate
Daniel J. Zamora

Business Service Assistant

Small Business/DVBE Advocate


(916) 263 - 60000

General Counsel
Robert Miller Chief Counsel RBMiller@chrb.ca.gov
Philip J. Laird General Counsel PJLaird@chrb.ca.gov
Victoria E. Thornton Public Records Coordinator VEThornton@chrb.ca.gov
Sharyn Jolly Associate Government Program Analyst SharynJ@chrb.ca.gov
Northern California
Dan Dailey Deputy Chief, Enforcement DJDailey@chrb.ca.gov
Jami Eaton Investigator JREaton@chrb.ca.gov
Carol Ann Nolan Investigator CANolan@chrb.ca.gov
Duane Tadlock Investigator (Cal Expo) DATadlock@chrb.ca.gov
Louis Quezada Investigator (Golden Gate) LQuezada@chrb.ca.gov
Joseph Mulligan Investigator JHMulligan@chrb.ca.gov
Southern California
Rick Amieva Supervising Special Investigator I RickA@chrb.ca.gov
Jim Hamilton Investigator JimH@chrb.ca.gov
Phil Miyazaki Investigator PJMiyazaki@chrb.ca.gov
Tom Blake Supervising Special Investigator TomB@chrb.ca.gov
Dennis Drulias Investigator DennisD@chrb.ca.gov
Kevin Kitashima Investigator KMKitashima@chrb.ca.gov
Equine Medical Director
Dr. Rick Arthur Equine Medical Director Dr_Arthur@chrb.ca.gov
Jackie Wagner Assistant Executive Director JackieW@chrb.ca.gov
Human Resources
Wendy Matsuda Human Resources Manager WendyM@chrb.ca.gov
Tracy Stroud Personnel Specialist TLStroud@chrb.ca.gov
Split Sample
Deborah Mendricks Split Sample Technician DLMendricks@chrb.ca.gov
Laura Sandoval Supervising Racing License Technician LauraS@chrb.ca.gov
Cynde Neal Supervising Racing License Technician CSNeal@chrb.ca.gov
Lynn Martin Racing License Technician LEMartin@chrb.ca.gov
Maria Joko Racing License Technician MariaJ@chrb.ca.gov
Stephanie Garcia Racing License Technician StephanieG@chrb.ca.gov
Claudia Tobar Racing License Technician ClaudiaT@chrb.ca.gov
Antonia Gandarilla Racing License Technician AGandarilla@chrb.ca.gov
Diana Valenzuela Racing License Technician DianaV@chrb.ca.gov
Management Information Systems
Bill Glaholt Information Technology Supervisor BGlaholt@chrb.ca.gov
Terry Martin Systems Analyst TerryM@chrb.ca.gov
Jerry Edwards Information Systems Analyst JerryE@chrb.ca.gov
Amador Villanueva Information Systems Analyst AmadorV@chrb.ca.gov
Valerie Ernst Information Systems Analyst VMErnst@chrb.ca.gov
Public Relations
Mike Marten Associate Analyst MikeM@chrb.ca.gov
Policy & Regulations
Jackie Wagner Assistant Executive Director JackieW@chrb.ca.gov
Andrea Ogden Regulations Analyst AndreaO@chrb.ca.gov
Nicole Gravely Regulations Analyst NLGravely@chrb.ca.gov
Track Safety
Luis Jauregui Southern Safety Steward LHJauregui@chrb.ca.gov
Tom McCarthy Safety Steward TJMcCarthy@chrb.ca.gov
Jeff Salmon Track Safety Program JWSalmon@chrb.ca.gov