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Rule No.Rule Title
1400Powers Reserved.
1402Controlling Authority.
1405Punishment by the Board.
1406Suspension of Rule.
1407Extensions for Compliance.
1413Notice to Licensee.
1414Appointment of Referee.
1430Allocation of Racing Weeks and Dates.
1431Notice of Intention to File for License.
1432Board May Demand Information.
1433Application for License to Conduct a Horse Racing Meeting.
1434Denial of License.
1436Duty of Licensed Association.
1437Conditions of a Race Meeting.
1439List of Shareholders.
1440Approval of Concessionaires.
1440.5Licensing of Contractors and Sub-contractors.
1441Photographic Device.
1442Photographic or Videotape Recording of Races.
1443Identification of Photographs.
1444Altering Official Recordings.
1445Preservation of Official Recordings.
1446Viewing Room Required.
1447Communication System Required.
1448Bulletin Board Required.
1449Distance Poles.
1450Complaint Desk.
1452Feed and Supplies.
1453Racing Selection Services.
1454Board May Direct Notices on Program.
1456Honoring Official Credentials.
1457Office Space for Board.
1458Right of Board to Information.
1460Equipment and Apparatus Subject to Approval.
1461Duty to Compile Official Program.
1462Duty to Maintain Record of Races.
1467Paymaster of Purses.
1468Ambulance Service.
1469Safety of Race Course.
1470Accounting Practices and Responsibility.
1471General Provisions and Conditions.
1472Rail Construction and Track Specifications.
1473Renovation of Dirt Racetrack.
1474Maintenance of Dirt Racetrack.
1475Golf Course in the Infield of the Racetrack.
1481Occupational Licenses and Fees.
1482Employment of Unlicensed Person.
1483Application for License.
1484Evidence of Unfitness for License.
1485License Subject to Conditions and Agreements.
1486Term of License.
1486.5Term of Registration.
1487Address of Licensees.
1488Temporary Occupational License.
1489Grounds for Denial or Refusal of License.
1489.1Suspension of License Due to Delinquent Tax Debt.
1489.2Criteria to Evaluate Rehabilitation of a Person When Considering Denial, Suspension or Revocation of an Occupational License
1493Refusal Without Prejudice.
1495Re-Hearing After Denial of License.
1496Financial Responsibility of Applicants.
1497Confidentiality of Applications.
1498Physical Examination.
1499Qualifications for Jockey.
1500Apprentice Jockey.
1500.1Random Drug Testing
1501Workers Compensation Insurance Required.
1502Program Trainer Prohibited.
1503Qualifications for License as Trainer or Assistant Trainer.
1504Qualifications for License as Farrier.
1504.5Provisional Exercise Rider and Exercise Rider
1505Qualifications for License as Horse Owner.
1506Horse Ownership by Corporation or Limited Liability Company.
1508Statements of Partnerships.
1509Use of License Required.
1510Knowledge of Rules.
1520Racing Officials.
1521Responsibility to the Board.
1523Racing Officials Subject to Approval.
1525Racing Officials Appointed by the Board.
1527General Authority of Stewards.
1528Jurisdiction of Stewards to Suspend or Fine.
1529Referral to the Board.
1530Cases Not Covered by Rules and Regulations.
1531Vacancy Among Racing Officials.
1532Payment of Fines.
1536Stewards Minutes.
1537Record and Transcript of Hearing.
1538Duty of Disclosure.
1539Representation at Hearing.
1541Power to Order Examination of Horse.
1542Power to Refuse Entry and Deny Eligibility.
1543Stewards to Determine Fouls and Extent of Disqualification.
1544Calling off Race.
1545Substitution of Jockey or Trainer.
1546Complaints Against Officials.
1547Failure to Appear.
1548Rulings by the Stewards.
1549Recommendation of Discipline.
1550Stewards List.
1551Starters List.
1552Duties of the Starter.
1553Duties of the Paddock Judge.
1554Duties of Horse Identifier.
1555Duties of Horseshoe Inspector.
1556Duties of Patrol Judges.
1557Duties of Timer.
1558Duties of Placing Judges.
1559Duties of Clerk of Scales.
1560Duties of the Official Veterinarian.
1561Duties of the Racing Veterinarian.
1562Duties of Associate Judges.
1563Duties of the Clerk of the Course.
1580Control over Entries and Declarations.
1581Racing Secretary to Establish Conditions.
1581.2Prohibition on Entering of Pregnant Mares Beyond 120 Days Gestation
1582Form of Entries and Declarations.
1583Receipt of Entries and Declarations.
1585Miscarriage of Entry, Declaration or Payment.
1586Joint Subscriptions and Entries.
1587Entries Survive with Transfer.
1588Horse Ineligible to Start in a Race.
1591Horses Ineligible to Be Entered for Claiming Race.
1592Ineligible Horse to Be Disqualified.
1593Change of Name of Horse.
1594Registration Certificates to Reflect Correct Ownership.
1595Alteration or Forgery of Certificate of Registration.
1596Transfer After Sale of Horse on the Grounds.
1597Association to Maintain Records of Horses on Its Grounds.
1597.5Microchips Required for All Horses on Grounds.
1597.6Tampering with Microchips.
1598Selecting Positions of Entered Horses.
1599Excessive Number of Entries.
1600Horses Listed As Also Eligible.
1601Preferred List of Horses.
1602Time for Declarations.
1603Insufficient Entries.
1604Splitting of Overnight Race.
1605Change in Conditions After Entry Prohibited.
1606Association to Disclose Ownership
1607Classification of Horses.
1608Posting Weight in Handicaps.
1609Liability to Penalty.
1610Official Records for Eligibility.
1611Claim for Allowance.
1612Claim of Preference.
1614Allowance for Fillies and Mares.
1615Scale of Weights for Age.
1616Minimum Weights to Be Carried.
1617Improper Claim for Allowance.
1618When Penalties or Allowances Prohibited.
1619Apprentice Allowance.
1620No Penalty for Winning Certain Races at Fairs.
1624Records of Foreign and Imported Horses.
1625Penalties and Allowances Not Cumulative.
1626Refund of Fees.
1627Declarations from Race Irrevocable.
1628Declaration for Physical Disability.
1629Penalty for Late Declaration.
1630Declaration in Stakes Races.
1631Walkover Races.
1632Jockeys Riding Fee.
1633Release of Certificates of Registration.
1634Claiming Option Entry.
1650Racing Interest Defined.
1651Eligibility to Claim.
1652Prohibited Actions with Respect to Claims.
1653Responsibility for Prohibited Actions.
1654Affidavit May Be Required.
1655Form and Deposit of Claim.
1656Errors Which Invalidate Claim.
1657Opening of Claim.
1658Vesting of Title to Claimed Horse.
1659Delivery of Claimed Horse.
1660Delivery of Certificates or Documents.
1661Warranty of Clear Title.
1662Sale or Transfer of Claimed Horse.
1663Entry of Claimed Horse.
1664Entry of Mare in Foal in a Claiming Race.
1665Rescission of Claim.
1667Claims at California Fair Circuit.
1680Jockeys and Drivers to Report.
1682Weighing Out.
1683Maximum Overweight.
1684Items Included in Weight.
1685Equipment Requirement.
1686Responsibility for Weight.
1687Deposit of Jockey Fee.
1688Use of Riding Crop.
1689Safety Helmets Required.
1689.1Safety Vest Required.
1690Prohibited Equipment.
1690.1Toe Grabs Prohibited.
1691Colors, Number, and Advertising.
1692Requirements for Horse, Trainer and Jockey.
1693Control of Horses and Jockeys on Entering the Track.
1694Parade of Horses.
1695To the Post.
1696The Start.
1697Declaration of Horse by Stewards.
1698Failure to Start and Run.
1699Riding Rules.
1700Returning to Finish After the Race.
1701Weighing In.
1702Claim of Interference or Other Foul.
1703Jockey Excused from Weighing In.
1704Official Order of Finish.
1720Harness Racing Rules.
1721Driving Rules.
1723Lapped-on Break.
1724Driver Must Be Mounted.
1726Wheel Discs.
1727Starting Gate to Be Used.
1728Starters Control.
1729Starting the Race.
1731Driver Infractions.
1732Racing Costume Required.
1735Drivers Minimum Fee.
1736Selecting Positions of Entered Horses for Harness Races.
1740Quarter Horse Rules.
1741Timing of Race.
1742Apprentice Allowances.
1743Thoroughbred and Appaloosa Horses Competing in Quarter Horse Races.
1747Mule Racing Rules
1748Shoeing Mules
1750Stewards to Make Inquiry.
1752Grounds for Objection.
1753Horse Subject to Objection Ineligible to Start.
1755Grounds for Protest.
1756Persons Empowered to File Objection or Protest.
1757No Limitation on Time to File When Fraud Alleged.
1758Inaccurate Protest.
1759Horse to Be Disqualified on Valid Protest.
1760Purse Award or Prize to Be Withheld.
1761Appeal from Decision of Stewards.
1762Temporary Stay Order.
1763Decision upon Appeal.
1764Appearance at Hearing upon Appeal.
1766Designated Races.
1780Registration of Colors.
1781Responsibility for Colors.
1782Program to Note Owners Colors.
1783Registration of Stable Names.
1784Registration to Disclose All Partners.
1786Change of Stable Name Registration or Ownership of Stable.
1787Limitation of Use of Stable Name.
1788Authorized Agent Registration.
1789Prohibited Acts of Agent.
1790Jockey Agent.
1791Records Required of Jockey Agents.
1792Acting as Jockey Agent.
1793Stable Agent.
1794Prohibited Acts of Stable Agent.
1800Bloodstock Agents.
1801Bloodstock Agents to Register.
1802Sales with Warranties.
1803Sales with Conditions.
1805Failure to Comply with Regulations.
1806Auction Sales.
1807Authorized Horse Sales.
1808Medications Prior to Sale.
1809Post-Sale Tests.
1811Registration of Cal-Bred.
1812Registration Required for Cal-Bred Eligibility.
1813Associations to Program California-Bred Race.
1814California-Bred Breeders Award.
1815Decision as to Eligibility of Cal-Bred.
1825Disputes with Respect to Stallion Awards.
1840Veterinary Practices and Treatments Restricted.
1841Veterinarians Under Supervision of Official Veterinarian.
1842Veterinarian Report.
1843Medication, Drugs and Other Substances.
1843.1Prohibited Drug Substances.
1843.2Classification of Drug Substances.
1843.3Penalties for Medication Violations
1843.5Medication, Drugs and Other Substances Permitted After Entry in a Race.
1843.6Total Carbon Dioxide Testing.
1844Authorized Medication.
1844.1Suspension of Authorized Medication
1845Authorized Bleeder Medication.
1846Racing Soundness Examination.
1846.5Postmortem Examination.
1847Blocking of Legs.
1850Posterior Digital Neurectomy.
1851List of Nerved Horses.
1852Reporting to Receiving Barn.
1853Examination Required.
1854Exclusion From Receiving and Detention Barn.
1855Medication Procedures and Related Instructions.
1856Clean and Sterile Equipment Required.
1857Equipment for Official Testing.
1858Test Sample Required.
1859Taking, Testing and Reporting of Samples.
1859.25Split Sample Testing.
1859.5Disqualification Upon Positive Test Finding.
1860Adulteration of Sample.
1862Dealers in Hay.
1863Pre-Race Testing.
1864Labeling of Medications.
1865Altering of Sex of Horse.
1866Veterinarians List.
1866.1Presence of Clenbuterol in Quarter Horses.
1867Prohibited Veterinary Practices.
1870Conditions of Meeting Binding upon Licensees.
1871Notice of Intention to Terminate.
1872Failure to Fulfill Jockey Agreement.
1873Furnishing Racing Selection.
1874Disorderly Conduct.
1876Financial Responsibility.
1879Interest in Earnings of Jockey.
1880Gratuity to Starter or Assistant Starter.
1881Exclusion of Persons from Race Course.
1884Unsatisfactory Rides.
1885Rough Riding.
1886Suspended Jockey May Exercise Horses.
1887Trainer to Insure Condition of Horse.
1888Defense to Trainer Insurer Rule.
1889Entry to Area Assigned to Trainer.
1890Possession of Contraband.
1891Seizure of Contraband.
1891.1Penalty for Possession of Electrical Device.
1894Duties of Trainer.
1895Trainers Duty to Insure Licensed Participation.
1896Assistant or Substitute Trainer.
1897Interference with Horses, Racing Participants or Racing Operations.
1898Offering False Information for Wagering.
1899Offenses Requiring Suspension.
1900Grounds for Suspension or Revocation.
1901Conflicts of Interest.
1902Conduct Detrimental to Horse Racing.
1902.5Animal Welfare.
1903Illegal or Improper Use of Communications Equipment or Devices.
1920Security Control.
1921Stable Records Required.
1922Identification Required.
1923Association Credentials.
1924Association to Prevent Unauthorized Access to Restricted Areas.
1925Exemption for Tour Groups and Fairs.
1926Entrance to Jockey Room Prohibited.
1927Fire Prevention.
1927.1Tampering With Smoke Detectors Prohibited
1928Fire Regulations.
1929Examination of Personal Effects.
1930Obedience to Security Officers and Public Safety Officers.
1950Pari-mutuel Wagering.
1951Pari-mutuel Tickets.
1951.1Totalizator Systems.
1952Claim for Payment from Parimutuel Pool.
1953Lost or Destroyed Tickets.
1954Parimutuel Pools.
1954.1Parlay Wagering on Win, Place or Show.
1955Distribution of Pools.
1956Race Declared Official.
1957Daily Double.
1959Special Quinella (Exacta).
1960Payout on Minus Pools.
1961Errors in Posted Payout.
1962Payment for Errors.
1963Emergency in Parimutuel Department.
1964Cooperation of Parimutuel Department.
1965Acceptance of Wagers from Outside Inclosure.
1966Probable Odds or Morning Line.
1967Closing of Wagering in a Race.
1968Wagering by Minors Prohibited.
1969Wagering Prohibited.
1970Wagering on Competing Horse.
1971Wagering by Jockey or Driver.
1972Dead Heat.
1973Purses for Dead Heats.
1974Wagering Interest.
1975Evidence of Pool Distribution.
1976Unlimited Sweepstakes.
1976.8Place Pick (n).
1976.9Pick (n) Pool.
1977Pick Three.
1978Select Four.
1980Persons Prohibited from Wagering.
1981Duty to Exclude Prohibited Persons.
1982Notice of Exclusion or Ejection.
1983Application for Hearing.
1984Place and Notice of Hearing.
1985Waiver of Hearing.
1986Determination of Rehabilitation.
1987Notice of Findings and Determinations After Hearing.
1988Appearance and Evidence at Hearing.
1989Removal or Denial of Access.
2000General Provisions.
2022Delegation of Authority and Administration.
2024Standardbred Stallion Registry.
2025Nomination of Stallions.
2026Grounds for Refusal of Nomination.
2027Grounds for Termination of Eligibility.
2028Publication of Registered Stallions.
2029Ownership of Stallion for Award Purposes.
2030Breeding Contracts.
2032California Residency Requirement.
2033California-Owned Horse.
2034Official Registry.
2035California Standardbred Sires Stakes Guide.
2040Horsemens Organizations for Owners or Trainers.
2041Agreements to Be Binding on Members.
2042Agreements to Be Binding on Associations.
2043Adjudication of Controversies Relating to Agreements.
2044Agreements to Be Filed.
2045Prohibited Provisions of Horsemens Agreements.
2046Filing of Annual Financial Report.
2047Requests for Approval of Charity Fund Distribution.
2048Horsemens Organization Welfare Fund.
2049Designation and Approval of Horsemens Welfare Fund.
2050Beneficiaries, Welfare Programs and Activities.
2057Initial Application and Approval of a Simulcast Facility.
2058Duties of a Racing Association or Fair Offering Simulcast Wagering.
2059Initial Application and Approval of a Simulcast Organization.
2060Duties of a Simulcast Organization.
2061Duties of the Simulcast Facility Supervisor or Assistant Simulcast Facility Supervisor.
2063Out-of-State and Interstate Wagering.
2066Application for License to Operate a Minisatellite Facility
2071License to Conduct Advance Deposit Wagering by a California Applicant.
2072Approval to Conduct Advance Deposit Wagering by an out-of-state Applicant.
2073Operation of an Advance Deposit Wagering Account for all Entities.
2074Requirements to Establish an Advance Deposit Wagering Account with a California Entity.
2075Requirments to Establish an Advance Deposit Wagering Account with an out-of-state Hub.
2076Deposits to an Advance Deposit Wagering Account with all Entities.
2077Placing an Advance Deposit Wager with all Entities.
2078Withdrawals from an Advance Deposit Wagering Account with all Entities.
2079Credit for Winning Wagers and Scratched Entries.
2080Proceeds from a Deceased Account Holder.
2081Market Access Fee for Wagers Placed by a California Resident.
2082Interest Bearing Accounts.
2083Advance Deposit Wagering Prohibited.
2086.1Authorization for Exchange Wagering
2086.5Application for License to Operate Exchange Wagering
2086.6Operating Plan Required
2086.7Exchange Wagering Data
2086.8Monitoring Systems and Notification
2086.9Financial and Security Integrity Audits Required
2087Suspending Markets
2087.5Antepost Market
2087.6Cancellation of Matched Wagers
2088Non-Starters and Declared or Scratched Entries
2088.6Cancellation of Unmatched Wagers
2089Errors in Payments of Exchange Wagers
2089.5Requirements to Establish an Exchange Wagering Account
2089.6Deposits to an Exchange Wagering Account
2090Posting Credits for Winnings from Exchange Wagers
2090.5Debits to an Exchange Wagering Account
2090.6Withdrawals by Account Holder
2091Closing an Inactive Exchange Wagering Account
2091.5Suspending an Exchange Wagering Account
2091.6Powers of the Board to Review and Audit Records
2092Exchange Wagers Placed After the Start of a Race
2092.5Prohibitions on Wagers to Lay a Horse to Lose
2092.6Suspension of Occupational License
2093Certain Practices Related to Exchange Wagering
2100General Provisions.
2102Backstretch Worker Housing Inspection Required.
2103Habitable Rooms.
2104Sanitation Facilities.
2105Pest Control.
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