Language Access Complaints

Reclamo Por Problemas de Acceso al Idioma

The California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) is committed to providing information and services in the languages of the non-English speaking public it serves.  If you have a complaint regarding language barriers you may have experienced while attempting to obtain information or services from the CHRB, you may file a Language Access Complaint.  The CHRB will accept and evaluate your complaint, and take appropriate corrective actions. 

Filing a Complaint:  Any person, who believes he or she has not been provided adequate language access services by the CHRB, may file a written complaint with the CHRB.

To file a complaint, use the CHRB form: Language Access Complaint Form CHRB 233 (New 07/15).  If you need help completing the complaint form, a representative from the CHRB will assist you, based on the information you provide.


For assistance, contact CHRB Headquarters Office, or any CHRB field office. 

CHRB Headquarters contact information:

1010 Hurley Way, Suite 300

Sacramento, CA 95825

Telephone: (916) 263-6000


Submit the completed form CHRB 233 and any related documentation to the CHRB, Fax #: 916-263-0964, or mail to:

CHRB Language Access Complaint

1010 Hurley Way, Suite 300

Sacramento, CA 95825


Required Information: You must provide, at a minimum, the following information on the CHRB 233, and you or your authorized representative must sign the completed form.

  1. Your name and contact information;
  2. Date when the problem occurred;
  3. Nature of the problem described in sufficient detail.


Notification:   You will be notified when CHRB receives your complaint.  After your complaint has been evaluated, you will be informed of the CHRB’s response, and any recommendations made as a result of your complaint.


Language Access Complaint Form CHRB 233 (New 07/15)